Research, Development & Data Protection Act 1998

Chrysalis Arts are continuing to research and develop PASA as a widely available public art sustainability resource to assess and promote good practice. By registering as a user you will agree to assist us in this process. Any information provided by you during registration and/or by completing the online checklist will be stored for use as a resource for future research and development as funds become available. Information will be treated with respect and confidentiality and only used for further research, development and the promotion of sustainable practice and will not be used for any commercial purposes. Third parties may be involved in this process but will also be bound by this statement. You may be kept informed of developments as they occur and contacted if there is an opportunity to invite you to contribute to further research. If your details change or you do not wish to participate or receive further communication then please contact Chrysalis Arts.

PASA has been developed by Chrysalis Arts Ltd and is being distributed and developed by Chrysalis Arts Development Limited, a not for profit company and a registered data controller.


PASA is a sustainability tool that can be used effectively if it is approached positively, conscientiously and used with ‘common sense’. It is not an accepted standard and makes no reference to any pre-existing method of assessing sustainability. Chrysalis Arts can therefore accept no liability whatsoever for the use of the Public Art Sustainability Assessment.


Chrysalis Arts Ltd owns the copyright of Public Art Sustainability Assessment and PASA. The use of this Public Art Sustainability Assessment is permitted only for strictly not-for-profit use and may not be sold, reproduced or used for direct financial gain. PASA may be copied by the user for their own benefit but there must be no unauthorised copying or distribution of the guidelines for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of Chrysalis Arts Ltd.

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